Posted on February 21, 2011


It seems all CNBLUE members are having a short vacation from yesterday.

Fans said as soon as Ingigayo ended, Yonghwa hurried to go out.And he was seen at his Busan hometown area yesterday evening. (Fans envy Jjing, his dog)
Jonghyun went by KTX train by himself after the concert (Eric Clapton’s Concert). He was listening to ipod.

A short account from DC CNBLUE gallary:
Yesterday, I was going home by KTX. There was a very handsome guy at the back seat. I looked at him and it was Jonghyun. Jonghyun is very very good looking. (It’s my first time I see him close, I’ve seen him far at dream concert.)
He was chatting through KakaoTalk with iPad. And he was listening to music. Sometimes he was closing his eyes, he looked gorgeous. I couldn’t notice him all the time for 3 hours, I just stole a glance at him sometimes.
I wanted to take his autograph, but I hesitated. Once the next person was absent, and I approached and gave him a paper. He smiled at me then he signed his autograph.
I said that I lived in Busan too, and asked him if he’s going home. He answered, “Yes, I am on my vacation.”
After I took the signed paper, I asked him a handshake, he took my hand. Ah his warm hand, good job!!
As the train arrived at the Busan station, he wore his sunglasses, he looked cute. And went out at the first.
Jonghyun was really handsome, and he was so kind, made me fall in love with him a little bit.

Jonghyun at Busan station. This picture is shaken, but his bag tells who he is.